A guide to different styles of Eyelash Extensions

A guide to different styles of Eyelash Extensions

We've taken a look into eyelash extensions and how they differ from false eyelashes. However, that's not enough information to go by, because if you walk into Claire Francoise, you'll be met with a wide array of different styles that might leave your head reeling if you aren't prepared.

Luckily for you, we've compiled a handy list about the different styles you can find and to help you determine which one is best suited for you.

Deciding how you want to enhance your eyelashes

There's a reason why you'd want to invest in a nice set of fluttery lashes. It could be because your own are sparse and lacking, or maybe you just want to save time on mascara application in lieu of glamorous, semi-permanent lashes?

Either way, you'll need to determine the exact qualities of eyelash extensions you want. Do you prefer your lashes to look thicker, longer or fuller?

The different styles of eyelash extensions

This is when you decide how your lash extensions shape your eyes. Depending on the style you choose, you can opt to create the appearance of either bigger, rounder or more elongated eyes. It sounds really complicated but our beauty technicians can help you find the right lashes for you to fulfil your desires.

They can include, but aren't limited to, a flexible version of these styles:

- Natural: Lashes applied will follow the natural shape of your current hairs, meant to just enhance your look but not add anything that doesn't already exist. It's a subtle but stylish way to draw attention to your eyes without pointing out that you've gotten eyelash extensions. Embrace it!

- Feline: This style of eyelash extensions elongate your eyes, making them appear more slanted and oval. These are lashes that are longest at the corner of your eyes and flared out, complementing that cat-eye flick with liquid eyeliner. This look can be quite dramatic, depending on how long and how flared the lashes are - it makes for a sultry, seductive look.

- Doll eyes: A popular option that arose out of Asian-inspired culture, these lashes are meant to make your peeper appear huge and round, creating a doe-eyed effect. It's great for heart-shaped faces and works well with a pop of pink blush on your cheeks for that cute and innocent face.

Of course, there are many more types of styles in between, which is easily customised to what you're after. Now that you know a bit more about eyelash extensions, make a booking today for a professional consult.