Getting ‘Skin Ready’ for Winter in Melbourne – Tip 1

Getting ‘Skin Ready’ for Winter in Melbourne – Tip 1

Did you know that winter is the best time to get your skin glowing? With winter just around the corner, the changing of seasons and temperatures also brings changes to your skin.

At Claire Françoise we recommend to our clients that now is a good time to make an appointment with us so we can re-examine your skincare routine, to ensure that you protect your complexion and prepare your skin for the cold Melbourne months ahead.

As we move from autumn to winter we need to hydrate, repair, detoxify and protect our skin. At Claire Françoise we have a range of luxe facial and body treatments that will have your skin ready for the cooler months ahead. We also have our IPL skin rejuvenation therapy treatments that treat sun spots, and sun damaged skin as well.

To help you be “skin ready” for Melbourne’s winter, we’ve put together a few of our top tips for healthy Winter  skin. Here is our tip number one.

Skin Ready Tip #1 - Nourish & Protect

As the winter months approach, it’s extremely important to key to keep your body protected and well hydrated in order to combat both skin dryness and damage from Melbourne’s cold weather conditions.

Moisturising creams and regular facial treatments are as important in the winter months to protect your skin from the harsh weather conditions, and leave it with a health glow.

At Claire Françoise we recommend that you book in to meet with one of our skin experts to check on the health of your skin. From this consultation we can then provide you with a range of bespoke skin treatments that nourish and protect your skin to best meet the winter needs of your skin.