How do I Find the Best Skin Treatment for Oily Skin?

How do I Find the Best Skin Treatment for Oily Skin?

How to manage your oily skin? Is it driving you mad? Not all oils are created equal. Something important to remember is your skin needs to have a little oil, just not too much. Oily skin is characterised by too much sebum (oil) secretion. 

Oils are predominantly found in the t-zone of the face, and can also be found in the back and chest areas. Hormones affect the oil production as does stress, poor skin care regime and diet.

Oily skins are generally not happy with their appearance and current skin care regimes as they have been ill advised or are using the incorrect sunscreens that are too oily, products doing little to prevent clogged pores, and skin is shiny by midday.

The first important step is to find the correct cleanser. Do not go for creamy/milky cleanser as this will deposit more oils on the skin. Go for a prescribed gel like cleanser that has natural saps, foaming agents as you don’t want to over strip the skin of its natural oils (which will make your glands produce more oil, thus creating a veracious cycle).

When choosing a moisturiser opt for something very light and mattifying or you may even need to skip this step and go for a mattifying oil controlling serum instead as your skin maybe excreting enough of it’s own oils and hydration, therefore not requiring a moisturiser.

Follow with a sunscreen that is a light weight fluid formula that leaves a matte finish and one that contains zinc, which helps slow sebum production.

Making sure you receive the right advice, skin analysis and combining an at home regime as well as professional facial treatments will ensure the best results.

Oily skins are also more likely to suffer acne and congestion because acne uses sebum as a food source. Facial treatments that focus on reducing clogged pores with retinoid, eliminating or decreasing skin bacteria, using anti-inflammatory products and incorporating  microhydrabrasion facial treatment to deeply clean and de-clog the skin will produce a much cleaner and cleaner skin.