How to Turn Your Brows into your Best Asset

How to Turn Your Brows into your Best Asset

Let’s face it, brows are back with a vengeance. The right shape and colour can not only frame your face but turn back the clock.

Years of over plucking or a waxing mishap can mean growing them back is tedious process and you require A LOT of patience. And sometimes all that waiting might not necessarily give you the brows you want. 

Achieving the Right Eyebrow Shape

The best brows are shaped in accordance with your natural shape, enhancing it. Whilst wanting to highlight your features, not detract from it. This means working with your existing shape by measuring the front of the brow, to the arch and tip. Getting a professional brow expert and working with them to find what will suit you is the best option. Don’t let anyone just wax your brows! Just because someone advertises waxing or threading doesn’t mean they are in the know.  

Choosing the Right Colour

It’s important to select the right tint that will enhance the colour of your brows. Tinting can pick up any little baby hairs, help fill in any gaps and giving the brows a fuller looking finish. Another option to tinting is lightening of the brow a few shades, this can open the eyes and remove an overly heavy looking brow which can sometimes be aging.   

Castor Oil for Thicker Eyebrows

The best tip going around. Wait for it…castor oil. I hear you, sounds weird right? Castor oil is one of the cheapest, readily available hair growing methods. Castor oil benefits skin around the hair by improving blood circulation and nourishes the shaft by locking in moisture and delivering essential fatty acids to the root of the hair.

Cosmetic Tattoo for Permanently Enhanced Eyebrows

Still have sparse looking brows? A fantastic option is to go for a cosmetic tattoo. This is the most natural long lasting option in creating fine hair like strokes that mimic missing hairs, fill in gaps or give a fuller looking finish. Remember, gone are the days of heavy block tattoo. There are so many beautiful pure inks from the US that are soft and can be made up to any shade you like and will last 2-5 years.

Leave it up to the experts and work with your eyebrow expert to help you achieve what’s right for you. Contact us today for a eyebrow look thats right for you.