Skin Ready Tips to Survive Melbourne’s Winter Tip 4

Skin Ready Tips to Survive Melbourne’s Winter Tip 4

We are now in the coldest months of the year and there are so many things you should know about how to keep your skin in good condition during the colder month.

With the arrival of winter in Melbourne and the change in temperatures now is the time for you to really start to think differently about how you care for your skin, during the cooler months. 

Make sure you see a qualified skin expert

These days if you go to a pharmacy or discount department store, you'll be hard put to find a experienced skin salesperson who can give you good advice. That's why it’s so important to head to a skin expert, who is qualified and experienced in consulting on skin treatments. 

Only a qualified skin and facial treatment specialist can analyse your skin type, troubleshoot your current skin care regimen, and give you advice on the correct skin care products you should be using.

That’s why at Claire Françoise we recommend to all our clients that July is great time to make an appointment with us, so we can re-examine your skin and check skincare routine, to ensure that you protect fully equipped to keep your skin in tip top condition for the cold Melbourne months ahead.

At Claire Françoise we pride ourselves on having the best range of facial services in Melbourne have a range of bespoke skin care treatments skin treatments that will leave your skin looking amazing!