Staying hydrated for healthy skin

Staying hydrated for healthy skin

Our skin is what protects us from the elements. It's a barrier that filters out a lot of dirt and pollution in the air from entering our systems, and so, we should look after it accordingly to ensure that it performs this function.

When we are subjected to cold months, chilly winds and heaters running continuously, this can all manifest as dryness in our skin. This can be one of the main reasons of premature ageing, resulting in unwanted fine lines and wrinkles. Our skin will draw on any hydration available to counteract this dryness, but can only do so if we supplement our diet with enough moisture.

Let's see exactly what we can do for our dry skin.

Stock up on water

Drinking pure water is the best way to provide hydration to our body. This doesn't include juice, teas or coffees, although we do get ample water from those substances. However, they are filled with other ingredients, namely sugar, which can have negative health effects on our systems if too much is consumed.

If you're not a big fan of water by itself, try flavouring it with a piece or two of fresh fruit. There are also filters you can buy to remove the metallic taste of tap water. Don't only drink when you find you are thirsty - have a glass with every meal, and several more throughout the day.

Watering our bodies

Water does more than just prevent dry skin - ample hydration helps with mental acuity, physical mobility and also our digestive systems.

Our minds can stay sharp and focussed, while our joints are lubricated for everyday movements. Meanwhile, our digestive systems are working efficiently to rid our bodies of byproducts and waste, so we can live every day at our best health.

What can you do to combat dry skin?

Drinking enough water may not be enough to combat dry skin, so you'll need to ensure you are using the correct skincare products to protect your skin at all hours of the day.

Sometimes, though, you may still feel tautness and dryness. To give your face a little bit of pampering, come into our Claire Francoise clinic for a microhydrabrasion treatment. It's a non-invasive method that removes the outer layer of dry skin, followed by a flush of water to plump up your skin.

For that extra boost of skin pampering, follow up with a Mini Luxe Facial. It includes cleansing, exfoliation, steaming, a masque and serum application to boost moisture levels.

You'll find yourself sporting a glowing, radiant face following these treatments, and will leave feeling refreshed and hydrated.