Taking a closer look at microbeads in skincare products

Taking a closer look at microbeads in skincare products

Don't buy this. That product is horrible. The company doesn't recycle. It's bad for the environment.

These are all things you'll have heard when reading about anything skincare related. There's a lot of contradictory demands out there on what you should and shouldn't do, and microbeads are perhaps the most controversial of all.

The purpose of microbeads

Microbeads are what the name suggests. They are small granules of plastic beads, commonly used in products such as facial cleansers. The purpose of including microbeads is exfoliation - massaging the beads into your skin helps to gently scrub off old skin cells from the outermost layer of your face.

However, being made of plastic, these small beads stay whole when you wash the soap off. They travel with the suds down the drain, and that's where the main problem with them arises.

More than just a small problem

Microbeads won't disintegrate easily, as plastic is not biodegradable. Being so small, they can easily pass through the wastewater filters and enter our seas, lakes and rivers.

They don't just sit in our seabeds and degrade slowly, however. Many small fish and aquatic creatures mistake them as food and consume these plastic beads, which can have devastating effects on eco wildlife, as well as the environment itself.

Finding a new way to exfoliate

It's not as easy as skipping exfoliation in your skincare regimen, however. A buildup of dead skin cells can lead to trapped dirt and oils, which leads to congested skin. Your complexion can look dull and dry, and hiding it with makeup creates more problems.

There are many alternatives to microbeads. Many cosmetic companies offer products with biodegradable beads, which are made from sources such as apricot kernels, oatmeal and ground almond. These offer a safe, effective way of physical exfoliation without damaging the environment in the process.

Chemical exfoliation is also a common method you can turn to - products with alpha and beta hydroxy acids are a safe, effective way to renew your complexion. Exfoliation needs to be a regular segment of your skincare routine, but it also pays to get a more intensive facial skin treatment from time to time.

Check out our microdermabrasion services - a technique which thoroughly removes old skin cells to reveal newer, radiant skin.

If you're after chemical exfoliants for your skin, pamper yourself and come into our clinic for a chemical peel. It's safe for your skin, aquatic life and also the planet