The Surprising Ingredient that Can Rejuvenate Your Skin

The Surprising Ingredient that Can Rejuvenate Your Skin

It is found in berries, nuts and inside the outer layer of red grapes (just like red wine!) and has some astounding findings in what it can do for your skin. 

In one word, its called Resveratrol. Skin ageing process is caused by the acclimation of free radicals. We fight these by mobilising the body’s own antioxidant defenses which is stored in our DNA.

We can also eat antioxidants to boost these storages and apply ingredients to our skin. However, as we age our inbuilt defenses weaken making it easier for the free radicals to damage our skin causing wrinkles. This is where resveratrol can come to the rescue.

In order to rejuvenate our skin, which is much harder to do ourselves as we age, the resveratrol has the ability to neutralise free radicals and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Resveratrol also hydrates, nourishes, packs a powerful antioxidant protection, increases moisture content and is calming for the skin.

You can also treat your skin to nature’s skin boosters in the form of a chemical peels that contains potent anti-oxidants like pomegranate and red grape extract, berries and resveratrol. These types of ingredients and formulations will fight wrinkles and the aging process. 

When looking for products that contain this potent antioxidant it is important to consider how the resveratrol is stabilised and held within a product that is applied to the skin. It is not possible to mix resveratrol within water so an effective product must contain some form of emollients (oil) to carry the resveratrol.

And once it is applied to the skin, the sun’s rays break its down quickly hence the need for sun protection and best worn at night for maximum effect.

Something ideal would be like the Dr Aspect Resveratrol cream which is super-hydrating and infused with Resveratrol- containing pure grape skin extracts and peptides.

Resveratrol moisturisers will also hydrate and nourish, while providing the skin with a huge anti-oxidant protection boost. These high end clinical skin care products are available to only to professional skin clinics like Claire Francoise in Prahran. Want to find out more information or make a booking? Call 9510 6230 or Click Here to Book