What does your eyebrow shape say about you?

What does your eyebrow shape say about you?

Most of the time, the first thing you notice about a person are their facial features.

Do they look serious or happy? Various areas of their face contort to express their emotions, and one of the main aspects that help to convey the message are eyebrows. They sit innocently on your brow, and don't usually stand out on a face, but without them, you'd stick out like a sore thumb.

Eyebrows are something that's recently come out in full-force in the fashion and beauty world. Let's have a look at the different shapes and sizes and see what your eyebrow shape says about you.

The straight and narrow

You're more of the serious sort, and can be quite forward-thinking. Straight brows, whether thick or thin, can amp up your look of intelligence and professionalism. People with straight brows don't generally take any nonsense, and will settle for only the best.

Straighties can be confident, assertive and boast good leadership qualities. The downside? Sometimes, you can take things too literally - perhaps now is the time to relax and pamper yourself by giving your eyebrows a luxurious tinting treatment?

The round and curvaceous

It's time for some lighthearted fun - your curved eyebrows show that you are friendly, happy and generally positive. You make people feel good and comfortable, and have the ability to relax the whole room if you wished. You still need to be careful, however, if plucking your eyebrows yourself. Too high the arch of the curve, or too thin, can make them seem like you are constantly looking mischievous.

If you have over-plucked - don't despair! You can always come in to our chic Melbourne-based clinic for some brow TLC.

Something like a permanent cosmetic tattoo can mimic the look of your natural hairs, in the shape you want to suit your face, so that your eyebrows look luscious and full again. You don't need to wait all those painstaking months for your eyebrows to grow back!

The thick and bushy

Thick brows (such as the likes of runway model Cara Delevigne) have been all the rage for a while, and it looks like they aren't going to die down soon. Thick brows means you're a little bit cheeky, but can rein in the trickster behaviour and act mature if need be.

You may feel tempted to reach for the tweezers more often than not if you have thick brows, but let us tell you - embrace them! Not many people have full brows naturally, and if you do, then it's the most likely size to suit your features. Over-plucking can happen too often, leaving you with that white gap where your hairs used to be.

If you have thick hairs but they tend to grow all over the place, come in for some eyebrow waxing. Our experts can help to define your full shape to enhance your natural beauty.