Which Claire Francoise treatment is right for you?

Which Claire Francoise treatment is right for you?

Modern day technology and scientific breakthroughs in skin science has had many beauty salons in Australia offering you everything just short of eternal beauty.

In fact, statistics from IBIS World show that waxing and nail salons are growing in revenue by 1.3 per cent each year since 2011, while hairdressing and beauty service businesses are contributing to a 2.2 per cent annual growth of the same time period.

Meanwhile, the Direct Selling Association of Australia estimated that in 2011, there were over 90.5 million people involved in the beauty industry - and if you divide them by the amount of salons available for you to visit, that makes it quite a handful to choose from!

So, we don't blame you for high standards while seeking out a top-quality yet affordable salon. Of course, we believe Claire Francoise should be at the top of your preference, no matter your skin needs, so here are just some specific problems we can help with.

My skin is dull, coarse and lacks luminosity

Never fear, Claire Francoise are here - hand-in-hand with microdermabrasion too! It's a technique that is non-invasive and doesn't require any chemicals for your skin, harsh or not.

If your skin looks a little underwhelmed, it could do with a pick me up. Microdermabrasion is the use of miniscule crystals to slough away the topmost layer of dead skin cells, revealing fresher, newer skin underneath. You'll leave our salon literally with a new face, one that hopefully will be luminous and radiant.

For those with dry skin, you can opt for microhydrabrasion - it's essentially a two-step process that includes microdermabrasion, but follows up with a thorough flush of water over your newly opened up pores which are craving that boost of moisture. And we all know that adequate moisture in the skin is one of the main reasons for a healthy glow.

My face looks blotchy and scarred

It's natural for many of us to go through a hormonal acne-ridden phase. Unfortunately, sometimes this leaves us with a less than desirable complexion.

If you're having to cover up small scars or marks from previous blemishes everyday, permanent removal could be your answer. You can opt for skin needling or LED light therapy, both of which offer promising results.

Both treatments promote cellular activity to prompt the body's response to make new skin cells. LED light therapy can be seen as slightly less painful, but there are many women that find skin needling equally painless.

It's all down to your preferences and the advice of an expert skin technician - feel free to make a booking or give us a call on 03 9510 6230 for more information.