Why do we need eyebrows?

Why do we need eyebrows?

Whether big, bushy caterpillar-like appendages or pencil-thin lines, eyebrows are an integral part to our facial features. If you look at yours in a mirror long enough, they might start to look strange, and you may even begin to ponder their purpose.

Why do we need eyebrows? We'll tell you!

The science

Eyebrows are thought to be a remnant of evolution. As we lost our body hair, it is hypothesised that we kept a few follicles in places that needed it the most. Think how could your head would be if you were bald - there's a reason why many of us reach for beanies during winter!

Like eyelashes, eyebrows protect our eyes. Sight is quite possibly the sense we rely on the most, and so, our eyes are one of our biggest assets. Eyelashes keep dust away and help our reflexes when something may be near our eye.

On the other hand, eyebrows keep sweat, rain and other moisture from falling so easily into our eyes. It's one of the reasons our brows are extended, though you'll find that our foreheads are definitely not as pronounced as our ancestors (thankfully)!

The curved shape of our eyebrows guides most moisture away from our eyes. That's why we tend to think that our brows frame our face.

The looks

Eyebrows also contribute to our facial features much more than anyone would think. A study conducted at Massachusetts Institute of Technology looked at the role of eyebrows in facial recognition to see if they were as crucial to facial features as eyes are.

When participants were presented with altered photos of famous people, researchers found that they could identify a face more easily if it didn't have eyes as opposed to eyebrows!

These hairy appendages are also important for communication, lending a helping hand to facial expressions. People that use sign language, in particular, rely heavily on eyebrow movement.

The technology

Of course, we've all seen the trends running throughout the beauty industry. Straight Natalie Portman brows or bushy Cara Delevingne ones, there's one thing certain about these eyebrows - they're lush, dark and are done up with makeup to look as symmetrical as possible. 

That's also why it's so important to not over-pluck. It can drastically change the appearance of your brows (unless that's the look you're going for), but sometimes, it can take a while to grow back.

For easy maintenance brows, or to remedy your heavy-handed plucking, cosmetically tattooing your eyebrows will enhance the appearance of your natural shape. You'll wake up with them looking perfect, and when hanging out with loved ones, you can rest assured that your brows will help the conversation along.

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