Why Your Skin Goes a Little Crazy in Winter

Why Your Skin Goes a Little Crazy in Winter

Winter has finally arrived in Melbourne. With a sharp drop in temperature, time spent inside artificially heated environments, as well as moving in and out of our warm homes and offices to the colder outdoors, our skin can go a little crazy.

Combining the change in temperatures, with the extra hot showers we have and a reduction in the consumption of water compared to the warmer month, can see our skin suffer.

The best thing you can do during the colder months is to keep up with your regular appointments with your skin salon professional. Some key treatments to help you get through the cooler months you should be considering are facials and massage and ipl skin rejuvenation.

At Claire Françoise  our popular winter professional skin treatments incorporate a facial cleans, exfoliation and nourishing treatment specifically tailored to your individual skin type.

Our Skin Prescription Facial or the Microhydrabrasion will address one or more of your skins requirements plus you'll receive a rejuvenating and relaxing massage.

These skin treatments can  help add much needed moisture to you winter dry skin and can help encourage your skin cells to continue to regenerate, leaving your skin looking clear,  hydrated  and rejuvenated.

Winter time is also a perfect time to start repairing all of the sun damage that has formed over summer by starting an  IPL skin rejuvenation treatments program. An IPL treatment can help clear your skin of unwanted brown pigmentation and weakened blood vessels that are the result of an excess of UV rays over summer months.

So to help prevent you skin from going a little crazy in the winter months, it’s important to have regular facials, a healthy diet, exercise, hydration and good skin care will help you create beautifully clear skin.

At Claire Françoise we are renowned for providing the best facial services and IPL treatments in Melbourne.  Why not contact us today and talk to one of our professional skin consultants about how we can get your crazy winter skin under control. We are conveniently located in Prahran close to the city and St Kilda Road.