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For your convenience you can choose to book online via the form below or SMS your booking preference to us on 0499 055 863  Salon Pay

When booking via SMS, (no calls accepted) Full Name, Preferred Appointment Date/Time & Treatment. We will confirm via return SMS.

Booking Terms: To confirm and secure your booking we will require either a cash deposit/credit card or EFT card to be placed upon your booking for new clients and/or bookings over 30 minutes. As a common courtesy please allow 24 hours notice in the event of a late change or cancellation, otherwise there will be a late fee of 50% of your booking payable. 

To see Claire, Principal there is an additional cost, please refer to pricing page for details. 

You can make multiple time selections.
You can make multiple treatment selections. For pricing with Claire, Principal please refer to the pricing page.