Acne & Acne Scarring TreatmentsAcne Package

Treat your acne in two unique ways with the latest technology that is AC Dual. Treat the bacteria and the inflammation simultaneously. Delivery fast results for active acne. 

Each month you'll receive:

One Month Package
Three Month Package Six Month Package

$199 valued at $284

$179 valued at $852

$159 valued at $1704

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Home Care Advice

Firstly don’t pick, this can spread the bacteria and cause scarring. Keep skin clean, protected and treat. The key is to do everything to avoid acne scarring and use products to manage the bacteria, oil control and congestion.  Aim for products that contain Vitamin A (retionals), salicylic acid. For acne scarring it’s about rebuilding the skin and keeping it clean preventing further out breaks or scarring from developing.