Spray Tanning

St. Tropez Spray Tanning Melbourne

Spray tanning in Melbourne by the experts in spray on tan at Claire Francoise will leave you with a natural, (no orange colour and no streaking) even and flawless all over glow for summer or any time of the year! Tanning perfection starting from as little as $39 for a full body St Tropez Tan.

Natural Looking Streak Free Spray Tan

Come in an experience a professional spray tan in our purpose built spray tanning booth. Our therapists are highly experienced in professional spray tanning applications for men and women.  Our professional spray tanning service in Melbourne can apply a beautiful bronze spray tan in minutes without any of the health risks associated with sun tanning.

We use and recommend world renowned St Tropez spray tan not only for its natural colour but also the ability to choose the desired shade for your skin.

A professionally applied spray tanning service means you’ll never have to worry about uneven colour.  Contact us today for the ultimate St Tropez professional full body spray tan giving you a flawless sun kissed looked without the health risks.

Special Occasions - Wedding Tans, we recommend coming in for a trial prior to the special day. We also offer a range of tanning options, classic express, dark and the new Luxe St Tropez tan. 

Spray Tanning Options

1. Classic Express - (Choose how bronze you want to go by when you shower). 1 hour - Light, 2 hours - Light to Medium, 3 hours - Medium to Dark.

2. Dark Tan - Designed to achieve a natural deeper looking tan than Classic Express.

3. Luxe Tan - The most luxurious tan yet, achieve a natural looking tan with this indulgent luxe oil mist, perfect for those special occasions.

Spray Tanning Treatment Prices

Spray Tanning

Spray Tanning Tips

  1. If you’re a spray tanning junkie, make sure you exfoliate regularly to avoid build up as several layers of tan can result in an uneven result.

  2. If you’re waxing or shaving before tanning, make sure you do it more than 24 hours before your tan.

  3. When you’re tanning give yourself a good all-over polish and apply plenty of moisturiser on the dry areas the day before to get your skin as silky as possible. The most common cause of a patchy spray tan is dry skin, so it’s crucial to moisturise problem areas (wrists and hands, elbows, knees, ankles and feet) immediately prior to any tanning application.

  4. Try to avoid washing your hands for as long as possible in the development time – a minimum of 2 hours. Try a hand sanitizer or wipes instead.

  5. Your tan won’t get deeper the longer you leave it – once it’s been on for the required amount of time anywhere from 2-5 hours, it will have given you the natural-looking golden color you’re after.

  6. For a deeper tan you can have re-apply tanning session (2-3 days later) or rub in a gradual tan to give you a really deep, rich bronze tan.

  7. Once your tan has dried wear loose, dark clothing, thongs and avoid tight-fitting underwear. Anything that’s pressing on skin may make the results a bit patchy.

  8. The hands and face will fade quicker than the rest of the body so apply tan with a little moisturiser, every couple of days to the face and the backs of the hands to keep your tan looking fresher for longer.

  9. For a color boost for the rest of the body, try using your spray tan with a little moisturiser or a gradual tan every 2-3 days - but don’t forget to polish and moisturise, too, or your color won’t fade evenly.

  10. To finish, always use a body shimmer, with a beautiful speck of gold or silver to really highlight and enrich your tan.