Facial Skin Treatments

Facials and facial treatments

Claire Francoise offers a range of prescriptive medi facial and skin treatments to suit a variety of skin types, concerns and conditions for both discerning male and female clientele.

Each skin treatment is centred on proven techniques combined with medical grade skin care products from Osmosis MD and Aspect, to deliver you refined lasting results.

Our Bespoke Facials

Facial Infusion Treatments  
Our Signature Infusion & Light Therapy Facial 

This luxe facial treatment combines the epidermal and dermal remodelling of the facial infusion followed by the hydrating, plumping and collagen boosting benefits of Omnilux LED for some serious skin health benefits and glow, your skin will be transformed. 75mins 

Vitamin A Infusion Facial

Offering a revolutionary organic vitamin a infusion which penetrates several high-dose active ingredients into the skin that creates epidermal and dermal remodeling, which enhances results for all skin types, skin correction and vitality. Combined with the benefit of Omnilux LED that is re-hydrating, plumping and collagen-boosting, for some serious skin health benefits. 60 mins

Vitamin A Infusion & Revitapen

Includes the vitamin a infusion and powder actives enhanced with the added benefits of Revitpen which creates micro channels within the skin, for deeper product penetration and results. 60 mins

Bespoke Facial

Using results based, natural skincare that are blended to infuse and feed the skin to promote optimal skin function, leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth and restored. Cleanse, polish, steam, extractions, massage, mask, serums and hydrator. 60 mins 

Steam & Extraction  

A specific quick treatment targeted in the removal of black heads and milia extraction. 30 mins 

Mini Luxe Facial

For those that are time poor or would like to add as an upgrade, this is the perfect mini version of the Bespoke Facial. Cleanse, polish, steam, serums, mask and hydrator. 30mins


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Osmosis Revitapen 

Enhanced results with technology that creates pathways within the skin similar to micro needling or collagen induction therapy. However, unlike micro needling the Revitapen doesn't contain needles, the channels that are created are nano-size (smaller than micro), penetrating the upper-epidermis only.  As it does not induce inflammation, it instead heals the skin by allowing for superior product delivery that would otherwise struggle to penetrate the skins barrier and triggers the skins regenerative process. This promotes skin health, heals skin conditions and is suitable for all skin types.  

Osmosis Infusion 

This revolutionary organic, non-chemical infusion delivers long term skin benefits, using the most potent forms of Vitamin A to gently resurface the skin with its potent liposomal delivery of calming, antibacterial, lightening and dermal remodelling ingredients. This unique formulation increases circulation, boosts immunity and stimulates collagen production. The infusion doesn't contain alpha/beta hydroxy acids (AHA's) or irritants, so its completely safe for all skin conditions. 

After Effects of The Infusion 

After the infusion the skin is healing from the dermal layer up, which means the end result is healed skin conditions, healthier more luminous looking skin. Its potent Vitamin A and anti-ageing ingredients utilising the most active, least irritating and non-acid form: Retinaldehyde aids for the short term and long term benefits. Your skin will immediately be transformed.

If you would like more information on any of our facials, skin treatments or peels, please don't hesitate to contact one of our highly qualified skin technician today.