Female Waxing

Claire Francoise provides a range of expertly administered efficient and highly effective female waxing services to suit your needs. Our female beauty therapists are all trained in the unique Claire Francoise waxing techniques, using our renowned exclusive 'Lime Lustre' hot and strip wax formula.

Female Waxing Services

Come in and experience our custom made hot wax for your next female waxing service. We offer a full range of female waxing services including; Waxing for females

 For more information on waxing, see our waxing tips and advice.

Female Waxing Treatment Prices


Female Waxing

Female Waxing Advice

  • For optimum waxing results we recommend about 7mm for hair growth, so the area requiring waxing will be removed properly and without excessive pulling on the skin. When the hairs are too short, there is also a risk of hairs snapping which can cause irritation and in-growns.
  • If you can help it, we don't recommend having a waxing service a few days before your period and the first few days during your menstrual cycle. The reason for this is because your most sensitive during this time.
  • There a certain medications and creams that if you are using means you should not have any waxing done. These range from steroidal medications, Accutane, Retain A, alpha hydroxy acids (AHA’s) or Glycolic acids. If you’re unsure please ask before starting any waxing services. 
  • We often get asked can I get waxed while pregnant? Yes, once you’re out of the first trimester you’ll probably feel more comfortable and less sensitive. However, to be on the safe side you can always seek the approval from your Doctor or Obstetrician. Generally as well if you have been a waxing regular you are more than welcome to keep waxing within the first trimester.  

Female Waxing & Hygiene

Claire Francoise therapists adhere to the strictest hygiene standards and we do not cut corners in anyway, we go above the Health Act requirements when it comes to our waxing practices. When you enter one of our waxing rooms you’ll be waxed in a sanitary, clean and fresh environment.

We strongly believe in order to have a fantastic waxing experience you need strong hygiene practices combined with the right skills and techniques to have the best possible outcome. Is your salon offering you this?

To read more about our waxing services, see our waxing services or contact us about your needs.