Dispelling some common acne myths

Dispelling some common acne myths

When it comes to skincare, do you know how to separate gossip from truth? There are thousands of false facts out there which all allege to be the ultimate secret tip to manage acne, but some will just leave you feeling frustrated and spottier than ever.

Let's have a look at a few common acne myths and break down the science behind it.

Myth: Only teenagers should get acne

Acne is most prone to plague our skins when we are teenagers, yes, but that's only because of the fluctuating levels of hormones in our system during these trying times. It doesn't necessarily mean that all teenagers get acne, and any appearances of pimples and spots outside of your teen years doesn't mean something is wrong.

Acne can have genetic factors, and for some people, affects them well into adulthood.

Myth: People that get acne don't wash their face enough

Hormones are mostly responsible for breakouts rather than poor hygiene. Not washing your face doesn't change the hormone levels in your system, but it doesn't help either. Acne starts below the outmost layers of skin as an inflammatory problem caused by a buildup of bacteria. This infects a sebaceous (oil-producing) gland, causing swelling and redness, which then manifests on the surface of our skin as a spot.

Washing our face cleanses only the surface of skin of natural oils and dirt, but won't reduce the swelling below the epidermis.

Some people naturally create more sebum, or oils, and so, are more likely to have clogged pores, leading to more outbreaks.

Myth: Toothpaste reduces the size of a pimple

The minty composition might feel cooling on irritated skin,providing temporary relief, but it's not a magic cure for pimples. You'll find that you will just look silly walking around with patches of white on your skin!

However, if the product includes hydrogen peroxide as an ingredient, it will help fight skin infections. There are many more effective skin treatments out there, and in most cases, toothpaste will just dry out your skin.

Solution: What can you do about an outbreak?

To target your acne, you'll need to use active ingredients that work to lift the dead skin cells off the surface of your skin, to then treat the swollen glands underneath. You'll find these ingredients in the form of alpha and beta hydroxy acids (AHAs and BHAs).

The best intensive treatment involving both of these acids is in a chemical peel. This is conducted by one of our expert skin technicians, who can determine the right type of chemical peel just for your skin. You'll leave our clinic feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

You'll find that it's more effective than any false claims you may have heard about acne. Make a booking here or call us on 03 9510 6230.