Rosacea & skin rednessRosacea & Redness

Why does my skin go red? Why does my skin ‘flare up’? 

The skin can be red for many reasons and going about our daily business can cause us to turn red at any time.

The main reasons we turn red are due to genetics, stress, weather conditions, astringent products (products that are too strong), perfumed products, certain foods and alcohol, heat (hot showers), sun exposure etc, sometimes it’s the simplest things can cure redness.

For example if your body is severely dehydrated your skin will not only became crepe like but can also be red. Keeping the skin clean and hydrated will help to protect and nourish the skin and calm redness. Also avoiding those things that can trigger a ‘flare up’ will help managed the redness.

Rosacea tends to start at the nose and spread across the cheek area. There are three main types of Rosacea in the skin:

  1. Redness, flushing, visible blood vessels
  2. Redness, swelling, and acne-like breakouts.
  3. Skin thickens and has a bumpy texture.

Treating Rosacea & Skin Redness

Stop what you’re doing, the redness will most likely be because there is something you are doing or are not doing causing the redness. Not sure, seek out a professional to help you out and eliminate the lifestyle choices you could be undertaking causing the redness. As mentioned before it can be the simplest of reasons for the flushing or sensitivity of the skin.

Keeping skin hydrated, avoiding those actives you know causes a trigger. Maintaining an at home skin care regime to help keep the rosacea under control that is built around claiming, protecting and hydrating your skin.

Recommended Treatments

IPL Vascular Theraphy 
Infusion Facial 

Utilising this light therapy, the skin can see an improvement in pore size, skin texture, reduce inflammation, redness and give a healthy complexion.

IPL uses a broad wavelength light that is a non-invasive treatment, pulsed onto the skin. It can treat multiple conditions, as well as capillaries and redness.

Infusion revitapen gently creates mini micro-channels in the skin, allowing Osmosis high-dose ingredients to be driven deep for optimal skin restoration, healing the skin from within.

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