Getting Skin Ready for Melbourne’s Winter - Tip 3

Getting Skin Ready for Melbourne’s Winter - Tip 3

The winter months are now upon us, and so with the arrival of winter in Melbourne and the change in temperatures now is the time to start think differently about how you care for your skin.

At Claire Françoise we recommend to all our clients that June and July are good times  to make an appointment with us so we can re-examine your skin and skincare routine, to ensure that you protect fully equipped to keep your skin in tip top condition for the cold Melbourne months ahead. 

To help you be “winter skin ready”, we’ve put together a few of our top tips for healthy winter skin. Here is our tip number three.

Give your hands a ‘helping hand’

Did you know that our hands have fewer oil glands? This means that during the cold winter months they get drier faster than the rest of our body. Also with the cold and flu season just upon us, we should always need to be washing our hands in order to avoid the winter related germs. Constant washing of hands especially with harsh soaps can leave our hands dry and cracked.  

As a result it's very important to moisturise your hands often during the winter months.
Also if it is really cold outside you should consider wearing gloves for added protection for your hands.

To ensure that your hands are in great condition and your nails look great, contact us and arrange for a time to meet with one of our skin and nail experts who can advise you on what skin products will assist your skin type while you get your nails looked after at our nail salon conveniently located in Prahran, Melbourne.

At Claire Françoise we have a range of deluxe nail and skin treatments that will leave your nails and hands looking amazing.  So keep your hands moisturized throughout the day, wear gloves and visit our Melbourne skin and beauty clinic.