How to Know Which Chemical Peel is Right for You.

How to Know Which Chemical Peel is Right for You.

A peel can include a wide range of exfoliating mediums and procedures that can cover a range of skin concerns. Chemical peels can produce some amazing results for your skin, but how do you know what’s right for you and do you need it?

Having a chat to your skin professional is vital. They will thoroughly go through your current routine, lifestyle choices, stress levels etc. and have a good look at your skin. Once this has been completed then choosing the right peel, will come down to this as well as the goals you wish to achieve.

Not all peel products are the same. Using a peel that has stabilized ingredients and is chirality correct (means the product contains only the side of the molecules that has the ability to give the desired results). This is vital to achieving the best possible results for your skin as when only the effective side of the molecule is used within an ingredient it will make the product more active and more effective when treating a skin concern.

At Claire Francoise Skin & Beauty Clinic we use Cosmedix, Aspect & Société peels that are not only Chirally correct, but also paraben free, cruelty free and chemical free. Just pure medical grade active ingredients delivering a high end clinical for outstanding results without the irritation and trauma of others.

Chemical peels can benefit almost all skin types, skin conditions such as teenage acne, hormonal acne, acne scarring, pigmentation, pre-menopausal skin conditions, wrinkled, anti-aging, stressed skin, the list goes on.

Peels can also be mild right through too strong with some to very little down time. Talk to the skin care professionals at Claire Francoise today about what might be the best course action for your skin. Want to find out more information or make a booking? Call 9510 6230 or Click Here to Book