What is Sugaring?

What is Sugaring?

Sugaring may seem like the latest hair removal method, however it’s been around since the Roman Empire times and gained popularity as the go to hair removal method before waxing.

The benefits to having sugaring done is it’s hypoallergenic, natural and easy to clean up with water afterwards. The cons are the risk of burning and snapped hair if not removed correctly and irritation to sensitive skins.

Sugaring is generally made up of boiling down cane sugar, adding lemon juice or honey and water. It is then applied to the skin at about room temperature. Then it is removed using a cloth once it has set a little.

The reason for its new found popularity in the current market place is because it’s natural, easily made, inexpensive and creates a point of difference for a professional businesses within a saturated marketplace.

However, like any hair removal method if it’s not done properly there are associated risks. When choosing a beauty clinic in Melbourne to have your sugaring or waxing done, it is vital to look for a reputable business, or ask friends for a referral.

Signs to look out for include;

  • What are the therapists qualifications and experience?
  • Is the clinic registered at the local council,
  • Is the environment hygienic, are they clean and presentable?
  • Does the business have a strong repeat business?
  • What are the quality of the products being use

Also, look out for sugaring or waxing products that are safe to use on sensitive skins. Call the  beauty clinic firstly to get a feel for their approach to helping you, read the information they provide on their website and check social media fore reviews and feedback.

The more information the better, this means they are not hiding and confident in their service to you, by educating you through their knowledge and experience.

Still not sure? Try a small waxing or sugaring service like an underarm or half leg wax. If you are happy and feel comfortable proceed with a bikini or Brazilian sugaring or waxing service.

There are no guarantees however, even after all the above have been covered. You can always try Claire Francoise Skin and Beauty Clinic, they have been in the waxing business for years, they also have their own brand of waxes to ensure quality, consistency and the perfect Brazilian wax Melbourne. Want to find out more information or make a booking? Call 9510 6230 or Click Here to Book