An Easy Way to Get the Perfect Brazilian Wax Every Time.

An Easy Way to Get the Perfect Brazilian Wax Every Time.

Waxing is not normally one of the services you look forward to. But there are some easy and effective ways to help you along the way and not end up with a waxing disaster. 

Having performed over tens of thousands of Brazilian waxes in Melbourne over the years, we really have seen it all! Don’t be embarrassed or get stressed out. There is no shame in your body size, type, skin colour or ethnicity.

What’s most important is making you feel comfortable and getting you hair free without the unnecessary trauma. If you're new to Brazilian waxing make sure when choosing your waxing clinic you opt for a couple of vital considerations.

  • Do they have a professional safe environment that follows a strict hygiene policy? 
  • Do they use professional salon grade wax?
  • Do they know how to wax?
  • How long have they been waxing for?

It’s not rocket science but when not performed correctly your results may be less than desirable.

Whens the best time to have a Brazilian wax?

The best time to get the kit off and waxed off is about a week after your period. Not a week before, this is when your most sensitive.

How do I avoid ingrowns?

Gently exfoliate the skin about two to three days beforehand which gets rid of dead skin build up, lifts any potential ingrowns and helps to make the hair removal process easier with a cleaner finish.

Basically the less irritation, rubbing etc you get down there, the less ingrown you’ll get. Tight elastic, lace and materials that don’t allow for your lady garden to breath, get itchy and irritate the skin.

A bit of TLC goes along way, gentle exfoliation and applying an antibacterial tea tree will nourish and protect your new Brazilian Wax. And don’t just buy any old lotion, an after waxing approved lotion will contain the right percentage of tea tree and not be too heavy.

If you do get an ingrown, don’t pick at it. Ask your waxing specialist to remove them for you and apply a Tea Tree Ingrown Cream. If your ingrowns are really getting out of hand. You can always seek out your IPL or Laser Technician Melbourne to perform some IPL or Laser Hair Removal Melbourne for you to banish them for good.

Avoid the sun just before a wax.

Also, don’t wax if you have been in the sun. Allow your skin time to heal and defiantly don’t wax before a sweat session. All that sweating and tight clothing will just result in sweat pimples and excessive rubbing.


And lastly relax, the more you chill out the less painful it will be. Sounds too good to be true. When you get stressed, you pull in meaning your muscles and skin tighten thus making pulling out hair harder and more settable to breakage. The more you wax the easier it will be. Hair will grow back finer.

Still unsure about which clinic to visit?

Call around, email the beauty clinic of your choosing and see how they respond. Attitude? Rude? Don’t have time to answer your questions? Simply says they don’t care about you. Move on and find a friendly non-intimidating waxing salon and or beauty clinic in Melbourne that will help you out sister. A girl needs a place they can relate to and feel comfortable.

Lastly don’t forget to keep your waxing efforts in tip top shape which is vital for the best results. Keeping regular appointments and following the aftercare advice of your waxing specialist. Once all done and dusted, you will be thrilled with the results. Want to find out more information or make a booking? Call 9510 6230 or Click Here to Book