Eyebrow Tattoo Inspiration: Celebrity Brows

Eyebrow Tattoo Inspiration: Celebrity Brows

If you've been battling to achieve the perfect eyebrows in recent years, you'll know how much this seemingly innocuous facial feature has the potential to transform your entire face. Good brows can help to create balance, frame your eyes and even be striking in their own right. 

By contrast, brows done wrong have the potential to be a true eyesore, transfiguring your face into a seemingly shocked or grumpy expression. Fortunately, the expert team of beauty therapists at Claire Francoise's chic Melbourne clinic is here to help put an end to your brow nightmares once and for all.

With the latest, state-of-the-art permanent cosmetic tattoo technology, we can help to create the perfect brow shape for your face using a feathering technique for the most natural finish possible. To help you decide on the right brow shape for your face here is a little celebrity inspiration.

The straight brow - Natalie Portman

The straight brow has little to no arch, and is a striking way to frame your brow if you aren't sold on the bold brow look (see below). Many Asian women have a naturally straighter brow shape, but you can also coax your brow towards that shape, or talk to your beauty therapist about creating it with an eyebrow tattoo.

Natalie Portman's brows frame her beautiful brown eyes, and add definition to her heart-shaped face.

The perfect arch - Emma Watson, Megan Fox

The golden rule of eyebrow shaping dictates that the front of the brow should align with the outside of the bridge of the nose, with the arch peaking three-quarters of the way across the brow. While this ratio doesn't always suit all brows and faces, there are some celebs who nail it.

Emma Watson's gentle arch is the perfect balance for her oval shaped face, their medium thickness making for a neat, polished look. Megan Fox sports a slightly more defined arch, but it is still carefully proportioned to suit her face and highlight her eyes.

The bold brow - Cara Delevigne, Lily Collins

This last look is for the fashion forward, creating an attention-seeking feature. There is a fine line between exotic, full brow, and unkempt, so be sure to consult your brow professional at Claire Francoise about what effect you want to achieve.

Fantastic examples of the bold brow done well include actress Lily Collins and model-turned-actress Cara Delevigne, who rock this strong look with confidence.