Eyelashes 101: A look into Eyelash Extensions

Eyelashes 101: A look into Eyelash Extensions

Eyes are the window to your soul, and just like curtains frame windows, you'll want to frame your eyes. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with a luscious set of eyelashes, but thankfully, there's a simple and pain-free way to change this - eyelash extensions

Here in Melbourne, Claire Francoise can help you extend those fluttery lashes to enhance the appeal of your eyes. Large eyes are coveted everywhere you look, from models splashed across magazines with big, doe eyes to countless online tutorials showing you how to apply eyeshadow to create the appearance of rounder eyes.

Eyelash extensions are becoming a regular staple in every woman's life as it saves time on meticulous mascara application and looks great the minute you wake up.
To get you started, here's an insight into how it works:

How are eyelash extensions different to fake lashes?

In a sense, they're both very similar. Each gives you fuller, longer lashes designed specifically to intensify the beauty of your eyes. Fake lashes are usually for one-time use only, and can come in sets of full or individual lashes.

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent individual hairs (whether synthetic, silk or mink) glued to your existing ones to be thicker and longer. They fall off after a few months when your natural lashes shed, but look great 24/7.

Myth buster - Eyelash extensions make your real eyelashes fall out

This is both true and false. It's natural for eyelashes to fall out as it makes way for fresh lashes to grow and can't be prevented.

Applying extensions to your eyelashes might make them fall out quicker because of the weight of the glue and additional lash, but if you look after them with proper care, then it's likely you'll barely notice a substantial difference in the rate at which they come out.

Also, many that have tried and tested lash extensions explain that the result of beautiful, sweeping lashes for a few good months is well worth it.

Which type should you get?

At Claire Francoise, we offer synthetic, silk or mink eyelash extensions.

You can talk with one of our expert technicians to find the best one to suit you, but this is where you definitely get what you pay. Mink, being the most expensive, is also the best quality, having come from actual fur. StyleCaster explains that this makes it softer, curlier and easier to build up volume and length. It's also a lighter load on your lashes, so could even prevent premature shedding.

There are also many different styles to choose from. We'll cover them in-depth at a later date, but for now, definitely contact us and speak to an expert for some new lashes to pump up those pretty peepers!