Help! How do I fix the Gaps in my Eyebrows?

Help! How do I fix the Gaps in my Eyebrows?

What do you do when you have gaps in your eyebrows and you’re tired of filling them in? Are you constantly applying makeup just to have them sweat off, swim off etc. We’re talking eyebrow feathering tattoo as your new saviour. 

Gone are the days of the old style block tattoo. No scary eyebrows here. The new feathering technique is softer, applied with feather like strokes to mimic natural hair and inks that are hypo-allergenic.

Using this method also enables the cosmetic tattooist to custom style the strokes to what the client needs. Allowing to either completely remodel, balance or just enhance the client’s eyebrows. It takes a true artist to make sure this is done correctly. Making them look natural and well-groomed is generally what most people opt for when choosing a look for their eyebrows.

When choosing the cosmetic tattooist for you, there are a few things to look out for.

  • Firstly is the tattooist qualified? Your thinking, well of course if they are offering the service they must be! Not always.
  • How long have they been practicing cosmetic tattoo in Melbourne?
  • Are they affiliated with any associations?
  • Are they registered with the local council, utilising disposable blades?
  • Make sure they show you before and after photos of their work, not generic photo shopped images or worse someone else’s work.  

Go for a consultation, get a feel for the cosmetic tattooist, the environment they work in. Can they do what you are looking for, is there style what you like, do they make you feel comfortable? It doesn’t matter the experience or how good someone is, if they make you feel uncomfortable in anyway it’s generally not going to end well.

This might seem all a bit unnecessary but with demand high and businesses cutting corners to fill in this demand, combined with the lack of regulation and a low economy it’s vital you do your homework. Otherwise this is where a seemingly simple procedure can turn bad.

Places like Claire Francoise have been performing cosmetic tattoos in Melbourne since 2002. Talk to an experienced tattooist if your considering cosmetic tattoo as a permanent makeup solution to get some peace of mind before you make a decision. Want to find out more information or make a booking? Call 9510 6230 or Click Here to Book