Professional Brazilian Waxing in Melbourne

Professional Brazilian Waxing in Melbourne

Over the last 10 years there has been an increasing interest in Brazilian waxing amongst Australian women. The traditional Brazilian style wax was developed to compliment the style of G-string's worn in Brazil.  

To achieve this style the hair is clippered, the pubic line is bought down and the labia and bottom are waxed, leaving a thin strip of hair at the front.  Though the process itself can be a little uncomfortable, the results; smooth, hair-free skin from a professional waxing are too good to pass up.

Now there are few dos and dont's you need to be aware of which will help you in your pre and post preparation for your Brazilian wax. Here are a few of our recommended good guidelines to achieve a great result.

The Do’s

  • Make sure that you go to a fully trained, reputable waxing professional.
  • Make sure that you moisturize your skin on a daily basis with a lavender or tea-tree antiseptic lotion. We recommend this after waxing as after you have a wax the hair follicles are open and as a result can be more susceptible to infection.
  • We recommend that you shower straight after exercise this helps to clear follicles of perspiration, which can lead to bacterial infections.
  • We recommend to our clients that they wear cotton underwear after a treatment to allow your skin to breathe. Also we suggest that you do not wear any tight jeans for a few days after the waxing.

The Dont's

  • For 24 hours post the waxing don’t go and have a hot steamy shower or bath.
  • We recommend that you do not loofah your skin until 3-5 days after your wax treatment.
  • Make sure you leave the gym session or any exercise until 24 hours after you have had a wax treatment.
  • Also make sure you don’t swim in chlorinated pools or at the beach until 24 hours after a treatment.

At Claire Francoise we pride ourselves in being  one of Melbourne’s best waxing clinics. We are renowned for providing our customers with great customer service and more importantly excellent professional waxing services for both women and men. 

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