Some more things to know about Brazilian waxing

Some more things to know about Brazilian waxing

It's yet to come a season where hairy legs on women are a trend. One day, it may be something of the norm, but for now, it's that smooth and hairless look that many prefer to see on the runways and in the media.

There are many ways to get hairless skin - the most common are shaving or waxing. However, while the former is the quickest and easiest, it doesn't always provide the best results. You can get that 'morning after' stubble, having shaved only the night before. Then there are the risks of cutting yourself and getting a nasty scar, especially if you're reaching down to clear up that fuzz on your delicate lady bits, where you can't exactly see.

This is when waxing is a good alternative. However, gone are the days of the bikini wax. It's now been reinvented a step further to give you the Brazilian wax.

What's the difference between Brazilian waxing and a bikini wax?

The methods are typically the same - they just revolve around different areas. While a bikini was is cheaper, a Brazilian will remove more hair.
Bikini waxes are basically to keep the bikini line free of any stray hairs. This means wearing a swimsuit will make you look hairless, while that may not be the case underneath. A Brazilian wax is more thorough, and removes most of the hair between your bikini outline. You can also opt for the Hollywood, which is to have absolutely everything waxed off.
Brazilians usually leave a 'landing strip' in the most sensitive area, which our therapists can shape as a line, oval or triangle.

How can I prepare for a Brazilian wax?

We can't wax if the hairs are too short. They'll need to be around a third of an inch in length - if they are too long, we can quickly give it a trim. Better to be too long than too short!
If it's your first time, you'll also find it painful. However, we can guarantee you that follow-up sessions will not only be more affordable, but also hold less pain. That is only if the following maintenance sessions aren't too far in between (we suggest no longer than six weeks).

We'll finish off a Brazilian wax with a soothing lotion, and you can always take a few painkillers beforehand. You may feel exposed in front of a stranger, but our therapists are well experienced in Brazilians and will make you feel as comfortable as possible - click here to make a booking today.