Age spots & Pigmentation treatmentsPigmentation & Age Spots

What is pigmentation and why do we get it? 

Our skin colour is determined by our level of melanin. When these cells become damaged through medication, hormonal changes, over sun exposed or unhealthy, it affects the melanin production. Pigmentation in the form of freckles is also determined by our genetics. Pigmentation also comes in many forms from small to sized larger freckles, liver spots, brown spots, age spots and or melasma.

Recommended Treatments

The number of treatments you will need depends on your skin type, where the pigmentation appears, its size and colour. After going through a through skin analysis, lifestyle habits and at home regime.  Your Dermal Specialist will recommend either a series of Pigmentation Peels, Omnilux, Venus Viva or IP Skin Rejuvenation that will be best suit to your needs.

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Pigmentation Peel

IPL Skin Rejuvenation
Best for hormonal pigmentation as laser & ipl treatments tend to worsen melasma. Contains ingredients to break up and lift pigment gently.

Omnilux offers cutting edge light therapy treatments for clearer, brighter, younger-looking skin.

Using a broad wavelength light that is a non-invasive treatment, pulsed onto the skin. It can treat multiple conditions including, freckles, age spot and capillaries 

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There is generally minimal downtime associated with skin pigmentation treatments. Depending on the course and home care your dermal therapist recommends for you. Any concerns and the process will be fully discussed with you prior so you aware fully aware and knowledgeable about the process and costs/procedure involved. 

Home Care Advice

It is vital that any home care regime advice is strongly considered. There is only so much a skin pigmentation treatment can cover. Home care will not only prevent further pigmentation, treat the existing pigmentation issues but will also help to give the skin clarity. Our range of clinical skin care can treat a magnitude of pigmentation concerns ranging from melasma, café au lait freckles, age spots etc.

Utilising the right products at home will also lengthen the time between treatment visits. We also strongly recommend the use of a Vitamin C to fright free radical damage and SPF sunscreen daily to prevent any further damage to the skin.

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