Age spots & Pigmentation treatmentsPigmentation Package 

Clear your skin from freckles, sun & age spots utilising IPL or for Hormonal Pigmentation (melasma) a customised peel will be tailor selected for you. The IPL shatters the pigment; the peel breaks up the melasma. This will in turn lighten the skin discolouration, reduce dark spots and clear the complexion. 

  • Customised IPL laser or Ultra Mandelic Peel (prep required prior) 
  • Enzyme Peel & LED Omnilux Treatment 
  • Skin Consultation 

Pigmentation Package

$220 valued @ $260
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Each skin package it tailored to suit your individual needs whilst providing optimal results and integrity for your skin. 

There is generally minimal downtime associated with skin pigmentation treatments. Depending on the course and home care your dermal therapist recommends for you. Any concerns and the process will be fully discussed with you prior so you aware fully aware and knowledgeable about the process and procedure involved. A skin consultation is required prior to the commencement of treatment to determine which is best suited to your pigmentation concerns.

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